Disturbing Images a Motivational Tool

Before: Here is a picture of me. After: Here is a picture of me sucking it in.
Before: Here is a picture of me. After: Here is a picture of me sucking it in.

“Buy my revolutionary new handbook that covers 100+ ways to suck it in and hide your obesity. ”

Is it me or is this image located on every site now? Its incredibly disturbing. I understand its an ad and that’s where all of your income is probably generated from or whatever but dude, come on.

Why does the internet produce the worse ads? I would pay good money to not see that. Instead of selling weight loss products you should advertise covering that up with something, like a shawl or a tarp. Instead of an image just add a mirror with the caption, “tired of looking like this? then buy my <insert-bullshit-product-that-probably-doesn’t-work-and-all-proceeds-go-to-fuel-your-crack-addiction-here>.”

Losing Weight

There are plenty of resources that are free on how to lose weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Its not rocket science but there is one keyword that is at the foundation for losing weight and being healthy. Its called determination. Motivation fuels determination but without determination you can’t really be motivated. I’ve never heard of anybody being motivated to do anything by not doing anything.


“Wow look at how motivated that guy sitting there is by just sitting there.” No.

If you can’t find motivation to do anything in life then you are probably taking antidepressants and hate everything. I’ve had trouble motivating myself in the past to do certain things but I figured out something that works for me. When I was stationed in Ft. Bliss I use to fall out of runs all the time. I would usually start at the end of the formation and the whole time I was running these thoughts would go through my head.

“My legs hurt so bad. I’m so freaking tired. Meow meow meow meow meow meow, wtf? I’m going to just fall back and start walking.”

It was easy to quit and it felt good. One day and after countless sessions of being yelled at for my failure to complete a run, I changed my thought process.  Instead of started runs with a negative attitude, I forced thoughts of how awesome running is going to be. I pumped myself up and started at the front of the formation. During the run my legs would hurt and I would have sharp pains in my sides but I changed what I thought about.”

“I’m a machine. I can do this. Too easy. I feel no pain. I run. I don’t quit. I’m not a quitter. If I fail I let everybody down.”


This caused me to push all thoughts of pain to the back of my mind. At certain points I remember not being able to feel my legs or control them. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to. Not until the run was over. Not until I was done. After that day my run times improved, I received a lot of Kudos from my superiors and even entered a 10 mile race. I didn’t win and placed close to last but I did it without stopping. A few years later in Iraq, I ran in a half marathon and I lead the way.

I win.
I win.

All I got was a pat on the back and bloody toes before returning to work after the run but being able to say, “I did that” made it well worth it.

Its not easy but it does get easier. So don’t let ads showing you what you do or could look like motivate you to buy into it but to find your own way.

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