Fast and Ferocious

The new Fast and Furious movie was awesome in various ways and this is in no way going to be a review but a quick synopsis and commentary on a specific scene in the film. A scene that is so overly exaggerated it boggles my mind as to how they could have possibly conceived it.

Actual Screen Shot from Fast and Furious
Actual Screen Shot from Fast and Furious

The Premise

Paul Walker leaves Vin Diesel in the garage and chases his friends sister into her kitchen where they proceed to have sexual relations on the kitchen counter. My issue with this scene is no one in their right mind would proceed anything with the sister of a 200+ lb gorilla sized man who just happens to be a few feet away in another room. If they really thought it necessary to film this shot then they should have done it with a sense of reality. That being said the scene would have ended like so.

Vin Diesel leaves the garage to find where his friend as has gone to.

(passionate moans or sounds of displeasure and embarrassing apologies could be heard from the kitchen )

Vin enters the kitchen and finds Paul Walker explaining his lack of manliness and poor performance as Jordana Brewster reassures him that its OK and its not the first time a man has disappointed her sexually on the kitchen counter.

Paul Walker turns his head as Vin Diesels brick sized hand crushes his cheek bone and sends him flying over the counter. The next few minutes are just a blur of Paul’s body being thrown around to the point that it has a likeness of “Married with Children”s stunt mannequin.

The rest of the film would have Paul Walkers character replaced with a scarecrow.

I’m just saying.

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