Greatest Story Every Written

As it turns out the greatest story ever written has and will never be read. It is lived. It is the story we all live and have yet to share with the world. The ever continuation of our lives is what makes our story the best one. Our hopes, dreams, aspirations, greatest desires, worst moments, failures, heart aches, disappointments and retributions all combined equate to the everlasting greatest story ever told. As much as we try to sum it all up and put it into words so that others can understand; It will never be enough. Noone will be able to understand or cope with the reality that surrounds us. We will forever be lost in the moment of our own triumphs and worst memories. We can try to share them but the essence can only be captured by own perceptions of it. Hope is not lost and will not be lost as we try to convey our feelings and define them with our words. The best part about it is the struggle. The struggle to achieve, succeed, define and become celebrated is coded deep within ourselves and is what keeps us alive. Fear not what lies ahead but what we fail to achieve by not trying. You can search the world for the meaning of life and will never be satisfied with the answer. The meaning of life is not an answer but a quest. And when the quest ends, our lives end.

Don’t be fooled by terms such as “rationale”. Nothing is “rationale”. Life for instance is the biggest hypocrit to the word “rationale”, as we continue to conquer our quests for the truth.

For every beginning there must be an ending and the ending to this passage is at the beginning. Share your thoughts.

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