Back for the first time

I’m currently working on fixing and updating this site. I moved it from yahoo hosting where its been for about 5 years now and am totally revamping it. My xhtml and css skills have improved greatly over the course of 5 years. I still remember when I was first introduced to the marquee tag and I thought I was the mother&*%$ bomb. My old site was full of blinking text, disgusting backgrounds and scrolling nonsensical phrases. Oh and lets not forget plenty of animated gifs. I would post an image of the old site but that would cause your eyeballs to explode in their sockets and possibly hemmoraging in the brain.

One word to describe it. Painful.

Just imagine the worst possible scenario that could happen to you right now and the drastic effects it would have on your life. Now imagine if that materialized into a design. That’s what my old site use to look like. Actually, if it could manifest itself into a youtube video, it would look like this:

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