My Dream

planets courtesy of
planets courtesy of

It was night fall and a could hear my friend calling my name from outside. I walked out onto the front lawn to where he was standing and followed his gaze up at the stars. The view was fantastical. There were planets clear as day aligned one behind the other in the sky. Its like I could reach out and touch them. Off to the distance a ball of flames was hurling towards us. It lit up each planet as it passed by then disappeared beyond the horizon. My heart beat furiously in my chest as it drowned out the sound of screaming. Instantly I knew the end of the world had come as a tower of darkness rose up from the horizon and was moving at a blinding speed. I ran. We all ran. Houses disappeared. People disappeared. Death was inevitable yet I continued to run with blind hope and aspiration. Then everything went black.

Somehow I managed to stay alive. When I came to I was locked in a room with what I beleive was another survivor. It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t on earth but some sort of ship…

True Story.

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