Patience Young Grasshopper

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a common trait of blah blah blah will you hurry it up already.

You know who has patience? Death. The only thing I really have patience for is Death. I give Death all the time in the freaking world. “Take your sweet time getting to me buddy.” In that case, I have all the time in the world.

Now. Now. Now. Not now but….now. Theres “right now” then theres “now”. When people say “now” they don’t mean “tomorrow”, “later” or “whenever you freaking feel like it”. They mean now. As in this moment in time.


Time is freaking endless. There is so much time out there in the world its hard to contemplate how we can measure “now”. We, however have yet to fully harness “time”. We use it more than we treasure it and waste it more than we use it. What if we just simple ran out of time? What if the skys darkened, the wind quit blowing, and everything grew still. What then? or What now?

I took this “time” to write about patience as I wait for something to load. As my luck will have it. Its still loading. Atleast I used my time. Right?


It finally loaded. I was just about to sock the loading screen in the face with a brick but Patience walked in and talked me out of it.

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