Pilot ejects out of CF-18 fighter jet

On July 23rd, 2010 a Canadian jet crashed during an air show practice. According to the Associated Press, the crash was caused by engine failure. View the entire story here.

Here is my scenario of what went down in Pilot Capt. Brian Bews mind before ejecting from his CF-18 fighter jet, seconds before it came crashing down in a 35 million dollar explosion of awesome.

Delicious Acid

“Quit staring at me you blinking red alert light. Shut the fuck up warning noises. Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t have taken that acid before the show. Why is the tarmac all sideways? You can’t land upside down CF-18, that’s just silly. I’ll just press the don’t crash button.”

I meant to press the DONT CRASH button. I guess this will do.

Come back chair. ITs dangerous down there.

Thanks for saving me giant jellyfish. That was close.

Fuck this shit. I’m out.

Pictures are worth a thousand words but a video makes those words obsolete.

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